The Toxpod

5 in 30 (Impairment apps, zebrafish and Scottish prisons)

May 18, 2021 Tim Scott & Peter Stockham Season 4 Episode 3
The Toxpod
5 in 30 (Impairment apps, zebrafish and Scottish prisons)
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We look at 5 recent publications in the field of toxicology.

  1. Karoly, H. et al. Effects of high-potency cannabis on psychomotor performance in frequent cannabis users. (2020) Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, X:X, 1-9
  2. Prado, E. et al. Metabolism of synthetic cathinones through the zebrafish water tank model: a promising tool for forensic toxicology laboratories. (2021) Forensic Toxicology, 39: 73-88
  3. Chu, M. et al. Time-dependent changes in THC concentrations in deceased persons. (2021) Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 45:1-7
  4. Van Schalkwyk, F. et al. Fatal pyrrolizidine alkaloid poisoning of infants caused by adulterated Senecio coronatus. (2021) Forensic Science International, 320:110680
  5. Norman, C. et al. Large-scale evaluation of ion mobility spectrometry for the
    rapid detection of synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists in
    infused papers in prisons. (2021) Drug Testing and Analysis, 13:644–663

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Karoly et al
Prado et al
Chu et al
Van Schalkwyk et al
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